Topic: Old Arcane

If you want to add lore to old Archane you can do it here. Post your idea and ill add it to first post

Old arcane is a very interesting way to manipulate magic. Whether for purposes of idolatry or simply so that old mages could remember spells easier. Old arcane is made up of runes and symbols in a poem like build. The runes translate to words but they are also pictures of power. The runes of old arcane are powerful and they symbolize micro elements of magic.

The old mages named legendary creatures and deity like beings for what ever power they they possess in lore. The rune for one of these creatures not only symbolized their name but when properly penned or spoken the runes also embody certain elements of magic.

Whether the creatures are real deity is a question of debate, some know for sure but many argue over it. What is real is the effect of a properly cast old arcane spell.

Although old arcane may seem less scientific then modern arcane it in ways seems easier to duplicate and memorize. It is alos easyer to make a spell with a varying effect based on a thourogh knowlege of the magic form.

We have already heard about some old arcane creatures in this game.

Ragnarok is a monster who rages under the ground climbing out of holes to judge. He has breath of fire and talons of ice, his rage and vengeance.

Bellhog is evil he breaths poison.

Dellenth, beautiful dawn, she is powerfully good, purifying light and evil fears her. Some say she is body of the first titan.

Ni-Gaul the watcher lesser sentinel of the greater Deities. He is small but he has large eyes. His symbol is an eye or a pair of eyes. The watcher is often found in old archne spells but when his symbol is visible it usually is as the trigger to the spell.