One hundred years ago the world was taken over by dark forces.

The White Order, wizards supported by a majority of the good world began a project to create an energy source out of the evil planes. The result was enormous, there was fifty years of prosperity. The nexuses created not only gave large cities running water, light sources, magic powered mills and machines; but the energy stolen from the planes greatly limited the power of the evil deity.

The world became a utopia, and good reigned forever.

Then one day a foolish young man who worked the nexus accidentally created an explosion. All was lost.

There was a rip/portal opened directly to the hells. Two powerful demons and many smaller ones were released. They quickly destroyed the nexus, and stormed what has now become known as the Unforgotten. All that ails the world now controls a majority of it. The White Order in an effort to preserve some good retreated to a small peninsula country called Saltland, and created seven powerful towers. The locals of Saltland still call the land beyond the towers the Unforgotten to honor those that may still be there.
The towers have held at bay much evil. The towers have lightning power which destroys any great evil that tries to cross what has become known as the dread zone.

The Unforgotten is still dangerous but many believe that it is becoming inhabitable once more.

The White Order has vowed to hurt the world no more, and only protect what is left. One still living White Order wizard has called together some unknown heroes on a mission to explore the Unforgotten. He now knows that there are surviving good towns, and the world can now be saved.